Our Story

Our journey is all about reducing stress for students. Having seen first-hand the pressures put on young people today with my own daughter to achieve academically, in the workplace and socially while conforming to societies expectations. Along with my own values which place a strong emphasis on education and the educational attainment for women in particular since I grew up in a family where it was not seen as important to educate girls this is something that I feel passionate about.

With my own daughter Nicola at age 28 whilst working and studying for her professional qualification, education and health collided. The fall out was so distressing as I witnessed the burn out of my own daughter. This coupled with my own experience drives me to tackle the challenges facing higher education students and find a way to stop other parents having to go through similar experiences.

My journey started six years ago when the idea to reduce stress for students was born through Mobile Minds, a platform where students and experts in specific subject areas can connect and resolve study problems, providing extra support and reducing stress for the student.

My involvement since then has only reinforced my belief that there is now a need more than ever to prepare students and the next generation of young people for the challenges they face and to build resilience. At the rate in which society has developed we have not provided the necessary tools for the next generation to be able to navigate the stresses they now face, to be able to cope and be resilient. This is more apparent than ever with the recent rise in mental health issues.

In this developing mental health crisis, increasingly people are encouraged to talk about their issues but often in a state of overwhelm, depression or anxiety many people feel unable to talk to others. A tool that everyone can access is the power of writing things down. I’ve been a lifelong advocate of this technique in my own life and it has helped me through many times but now the benefits are well documented.

From helping you to process your thoughts and emotions, gaining clarity and making decisions easier, to helping you get a better night’s sleep as it frees your mind and allows you to see things more clearly to even putting things in perspective. The process is cathartic and has been a huge part for me in building strength and resilience. There is something about physically writing it down that allows you to work through it all in a way that is incredibly powerful.

Realising that a safe online space was needed for people to be able to write out their thoughts, anxieties and emotions, without anyone else ever seeing them and then getting rid of them. Emotionally unloading and freeing mental capacity by gaining clarity we developed the idea for this tool. So you can bring about these benefits in your own life.

My mind health is there for everyone: TRY it!

Feel it, Write it, Delete it.