How it works

Designed to provide a safe space for you to write out your thoughts, your feelings and express your emotions.

The benefits of a daily journaling practice are well documented as it helps you to process how you are feeling, bringing an understanding and clarity and leaving you to feel better in yourself.

Visit for a blank space to write without logging in or completing any personal details. No joining fee, subscription or charges to use this safe space. Simply start writing in the box on screen. Once you have finished writing, have the satisfaction of pressing delete and freeing your mind. No data is saved and without a record cannot be restored.

You can write to your hearts content with unlimited text and no restriction on the amount of times you use the site, when and where you like. However, as an extra safeguard for your privacy a timer has been activated for both computer and mobile devices. Text will clear after 15 minutes of inactivity using a computer and this will be longer when using a mobile device, all text will clear and will not be recoverable.

Write your inner most thoughts, desires and dreams that you might not want to share with others for fear of judgement, critique, ridicule, dismissal or overpowering personal opinions that often stop us expressing our authentic selves. Or simply focus on what you are grateful for.

Your daily mind health deserves attention: TRY it!

Feel it, Write it, Delete it