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The vision is for My Mind Health to build an App to be able to reach millions of people here in the UK and round the world. Everyone needs somewhere safe to de-stress and right now more than ever before with all the challenges we are going through.

By donating you would be helping My Mind Health to provide a safe space for others to process their emotions and reduce their anxiety and stress. The App would put the de-stress tool at people’s fingertips and they would have the convenience of it being at the tap of a button.

A great way to contribute to such a meaningful cause and positively impact people’s lives. Your contribution will help others make changes.

Mental Health affects all of us


Show your support for the Mental Health of others.

We value the generosity and involvement of other businesses, charities, and non-profits, with every contribution helping to spread the word and reach more people who need it the most. If you’re looking to enhance your corporate social responsibility actions, becoming a sponsor may be the answer. If you feel there is a way that we can support your organisation then we are eager to hear from you.

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Everyone’s mind health deserves attention. Sharing through your social media connections, your company’s intranet pages will all help to spread the word far and wide and reach those who need it the most. A brilliant way to raise awareness and to make an active contribution to supporting others make real changes.

Together we can make a difference.

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